This map was created by a group of Southern Methodist University (SMU) data science student volunteers. Their goal is to use data to fight the Covid-19 pandemic, connecting people, organizations, and resources. 

For more information, email admin@distilleriesfightingcovid.com

Data Science Team:

Ryan Abella, Class of August 2016

Noelle Brown, Class of May 2019

Carson Drake, Class of May 2020

Aditya Garapti, Class of August 2020

Solange Garcia, Class of August 2020

Andrew Heroy, Class of May 2020

Lei Jiang, Class of May 2020

David Josephs, Class of May 2020

John Partee, Class of August 2020

Anand Rajan, Class of May 2020

David Stroud, Class of December 2019

Nicole Wittlin, Class of August 2020

Michael Wolfe, Class of May 2020

Other Volunteer Experts:

Jodi Beznoska, marketing and PR

Morgan Brown, Troy University

Peggy Heinkel-Wolfe, science writer

Dr. Fabio Savorgnan, Texas Children's Hospital


Dr. John Santerre, Adjunct Professor

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